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Application For the best results, we suggest you massage yourself for no more than 30 minutes, eventually repeating it during the course of the day with an interval of at least one hour between one massage and another.

Celly massage may be used together with your beauty products.

The following information is for gaining the most beneficial results from celly massage on the various parts our body.

Stomach- Massage daily with a couple of applications per day lasting from 5 minutes, using speeds 1 or 2.

Hips- We advice daily massage, using celly massage a couple of times a day fir about 5 minutes.

Start massage with speed 1 or 2 moving in circles starting from the bottom part of your back, near to the bottom of the vertebrace, up to the hips, where you will need to massage for a bit longer.

Buttocks You should massage for at least 5 minutes for a couple of times per day, gradually increasing it afterwards.

Thigs We advice using speed 3 and to massage yourself every day, with two applications lasting at least 5 minutes each starting with a gentle pressure and gradually increasing it afterwards.

Back If you want a beneficial relaxing massage have someone apply celly massage to your backbone moving it slowly upward and downward then from right to left, without ever removing it from the parts being treated, using speed 2.

Neck Use Celly massage for 5 кожный покров every day with gentle pressure to relive muscular tension.

как направляться to used speed 2.

Feet Feet are an important and strategic part our body.

We advice using celly message everywhere, Massaging with care at various speeds for a few minutes every day.

Cleaning Unplug the feeder 5 from the outlet before any cleaning operations.

Use damp cloth only for cleaning the main part of the appliance and the discs.

A few minutes every day.

Technical Data Body of Appliance Model No 85211 Voltage DC 5V Made P.

Feeder Model No.

AV48-050-090T Input 230 V.

50 Hz Out DC 5V 900 mA Consumption 12 Watt Made in P.

Warnig Use the feeder model given in the technical data only.

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    As professional healthcare providers working with families and people of all ages, we hope to work together with our patients and help them take control of their ongoing healthcare needs.

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    Are you experiencing depression? Is your child struggling at home or in school? Our team of behavioral health professionals works with you in creating a personalized treatment program that willhelp you regain your mental, emotional, and social well-being.

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    Your needs change as the yearspass. We have a team of physicians and nurse practitioners experienced in adult non-surgical care. We provide help with care maintenance, diagnosis, and treatment of advanced diseases and more.

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    These are just some of the services we offer. Feel free to give us a call at 419-502-2800 to ask us if we can help you with the kind of care you require.

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    Family Health Center exists to provide access to primary medical, dental and mental health services for community members, with emphasis on the medically underserved, to improve the health of the community and to train future health care providers.

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